Non-translation volunteering for Translators without Borders


Did you know that you can support Translators without Borders (TWB) also as a non-translation volunteer? Depending on your languages, preferences and qualifications, you can volunteer as a project manager, test reviewer, and many more roles!

In the ITI bulletin you will find an interesting article about two successful linguists who volunteered as Projects Coordinators in 2016. Keep reading to know their stories!

Marina Brunello and Miruna Georgescu became familiar with TWB at a Professionalisation Talk at the University of Leeds. This is where they met @Susan Fortescue, Ambassador for TWB. They were both inspired by her talk and decided to start volunteering as project coordinators for TWB’s Rapid Response Team (RRT).

The RRT was part of TWB’s European Refugee Response programme, which provided useful information to refugees in Arabic, Farsi, Greek, Urdu and Kurdish. Messages such as how to manage the harsh winter, where to find reliable immigration information, news about border closures and medical services were critical to refugees. As project coordinators, they assigned translation requests in English to Farsi, Arabic and Greek translators and proofreaders. Accuracy was a top priority and time was of the essence – most texts had to be delivered by the end of the day.

In Miruna’s case, adding this experience to her CV helped her highlight useful transferable skills. After her MA, she completed a traineeship at the Council of the EU. After the traineeship, Miruna was offered a temporary contract there as an in-house translator.

In Marina’s situation, volunteering for TWB has given her an insight into the project manager role and prepared her to communicate efficiently with clients and translators – an essential part of her job today. This experience also helped her find a job in the translation industry, allowing her to improve her CV while helping others.

If you would like to volunteer for TWB in a non-translation role, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have plenty of opportunities for you. Are you a tech savy? Then you can support us with your tech skills. Are you willing to meet more translators in your area and establish an ongoing communication with them? You can help us with our Kato Community Forum, or by organizing volunteers meetings in your area. Are you very involved with social network, or you’re part of any language organizations? Check our language announcements to see which languages we’re recruiting for, and share our calls on social medias and with your network.


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