No translation tasks appearing

I just set up my Kato account today and wanted to start searching for tasks. However, no tasks show up, even when I have no filters applied (i.e. searching for tasks from any source language to any target language). Why is that? Are there really no projects available whatsoever?

The other issue is that when it comes to filters, my target language (English) does not appear as an option in the drop down menu, and the only source language that I can translate from that appears as an option is Spanish. Does Kato not post any projects that require translating into English?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @pkellyv, :cherry_blossom:

Welcome to the community! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You are right, the message you are seeing tells that there are no tasks for the moment for your language combinations. However, you can visit your home page another time to see if new tasks are uploaded. You can also turn on the email notifications for the task stream from your profile.

Regarding your second point, if you cannot find a language in the drop list, this also means that there are no available tasks into this language.

I would recommend that you take a test to become a verified translator so you can have access to more tasks. Take a look at this thread: How to become a Kató Verified Translator?

Hope this helps. :purple_heart: :dizzy:


Hi @pkellyv thanks for your message! @SalwaAlrifai’s wonderful reply is absolutely correct, the homepage only shows tasks that are currently available. We post new tasks all the time, so keep an eye out! :mag_right:

You can follow these instructions to update your email notifications to receive regular notifications when tasks are available :wink:

I hope you consider becoming a Kató Verified Translator, as Salwa mentioned! Do let us know if you have any questions :blush:

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Thanks @SalwaAlrifai and @JoannaW for the tips!


I am having the same issue here. There are tasks for the my language pair (Hausa and English) But if I click on the link takes me to a page similar to the one posted by the @pkellyv but mine with a notice and in red at the top that I don’t have access to view the page. What could be reason for that?

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Hi @Yakubu, thanks for reaching out to us! :blush: I am sorry you haven’t been able to access tasks yet.

You see this notice because some tasks require the translator to be a Kató Verified Translator. To find out about becoming verified, you can visit this page. However, this is not the case for all translations, and you should still be able to access most of our Hausa tasks.

I would also recommend that you complete your profile as it may help you access tasks.

I hope this helps! :star2:

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Hi @JoannaW,
Thanks it helps. I’ll complete my profile as soon as possible and I am on the verification process now. I am however, happy to announce that I can now gain access and have claim 4 tasks today. :slightly_smiling_face:

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