No TM?


Hi there,

I’m translating on project 10720 and there doesn’t seem to be any TM matches?


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Hi Catarina, thank you for your message. You are right, it seems there is no TM for this project, maybe I am wrong though. @Jessicai can you please check?

On a side note, please remember to use the corresponding task topic in the forum when you have a question about a project you are translating, it will make it easier for us to identify the project you are talking about (the number is not helpful I am afraid). You can find the right link in the same task, where you see “Discuss this task on Kató Community:



Hi, @Catarina, thank you very much for pointing this out! I will check this internally. Thanks also for completing all the translation chunks. Your help with the consistency of the whole text is much appreciated :slight_smile: I will send you an email to help you deal with Tags as well.