No support for MS Word .doc file format

Kató TM doesn’t support the (very) old original MS Word .doc format anymore. Partners or TWB Project Officers need to save such files in .docx format, from within MS Word or compatible.
.docx is the default Word format which Microsoft introduced in 2006 (!). We’ve stopped the support of the old .doc format because it generated licensing cost.

Just out of curiosity, Is ‘.docx’ free? Or are they more willing to pay for it?
And doesn’t MS Word support .odt since at least a decade?

.docx is a (compressed) XML format and such can be read and written by other tools, including LibreOffice. We have however had issues with .docx files saved from within LibreOffice (at least on Linux).
We can make recommendations in terms of file formats and of course explain the limitations of what we can support, format-wise and service-wise (actual translation vs file conversions and desktop publishing), but we don’t have control over the tools and formats our partners choose.

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