No link to Kato TM


I have just claimed the new task, but cannot find the link to Kato TM. What should I do? How can I translate this task?

Thank you.


Thanks @Natalia1. You may find this post helpful: Can I work outside Kató TM?


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I have the same problem. I had claimed my very first task earlier this month and then uploaded my translation yesterday. In the link you provided above, it says that offline translation is possible so long as I “inform the PM” before I start translating. What does that mean? Additionally, I have already uploaded my translation.Could you please let me know what I should do in this case?

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Thanks @Ahmad3. Which task did you work on? It is always a good idea to leave a note on the project thread for your task here on the Community Forum to let us know if there is no Kato TM link.


Hi Paulina. Thanks so much for your reply. It was a flyer with the title “Start Today And Stress Less Resident Flyer,” issued by an organization called LifeSTEPS (Life Skills Training and Education Programs). Does that help? What other information should I provide?



The flyer was in English, and I translated it into Arabic.



Thanks @Ahmad3. I just checked on this and it turns out that it was on old project which was created before Kato TM became available. That’s why there was no link. It’s all good :slight_smile:


Great, thanks so much! Just so you know, I’ve also claimed two other tasks with no links either. I haven’t translated those yet. Their titles are “Information about France” and “Information about Italy” – both from English into Arabic. I simply would like to make sure that I’m following the right steps.



…Both from an organization called “Refugee Center Online”.