No English in the target language list?

Hello, I’ve just registered. I’m a French to English translator, but I can’t find English listed in the target language list. Is that because there are no tasks at present for that language pair?

Hi Carolyne, did anyone answer your question? I am having the same experience. What’s strange is that I could see English in the target language list yesterday, before I became a “verified” translator.

I am so sorry @Carolyne1, I don’t know how we could miss your message :scream: please accept our apologies for this very late reply.

That’s right, I see there are no tasks available to translate into English at the moment, but you should receive a notification as soon as they become available (I see that @Jeff_Staflund has set his profile to receive daily notifications on available tasks, thank you :star: )

Hi Ambra, thanks for replying. I was hoping to do the test to become a verified translator, but when I clicked on it, I was taken through to a different website --ProZ. Is this correct? Does ProZ conduct the tests for TWB maybe?
Thank you.

Hello @Carolyne1 :slight_smile:
Our testing centre is indeed on ProZ, select French as the source language and English from the drop-down list, then translate sample. I hope this makes sense :heart_decoration: