No email notifications?

I’m not receiving any emails at all. I stopped getting email notifications about test revision tasks about a week ago for some reason. I went directly to the TWB Kató page, claimed a task and completed it. I didn’t get the usual email notification confirming that I’d claimed the task or the email confirming when I’d completed the task.

I’ve checked my settings and am set up for daily email notifications, so I’m not sure what the problem is.

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Hi @betsygee,

Thanks for reaching out!
I will tag our kind @charlotte1 and @Silvia_Mauri to help you! :rose: :green_heart:

Kind regards,


Hi @betsygee, thank you for bringing this up :thinking:

It might be related to the fact that we moved away from the Testing System to verify our volunteer translators; I will look into this and get back to you as soon as I know more about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know!

I have the same problem. could you please help me with that?
thanks in advance. :blush:

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Hello @HagerElbadawy

Thank you for your interest in claiming tasks with us! I have checked your profile, and everything looks fine :100:

If you’re not receiving emails so often, this may be because some volunteers are so fast in claiming tasks; may be they claim them even before the notification emails are sent :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

However, We post new tasks all the time, so keep an eye out on the homepage :wink:

If you could catch a few tasks and receive multiple positive feedback, we will consider verifying you :heavy_check_mark: This will help you access even more tasks :innocent:

Thanks again for your support Hager. Best wishes :dizzy:

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Hey Aya,:blossom:

Thanks for your response. Okay I guess I understand now, thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
For feedbacks, I want to ask why I don’t often get any feedback? I completed more than 20 tasks and I got only one feedback without any detailed info about the errors which the reviewer noticed in it.


Hi @HagerElbadawy, :raising_hand_woman:

Congratulations on completing and submitting your tasks successfully. :star_struck:

Leaving feedback on translation tasks is not obligatory, so you will find so many translation tasks had been reviewed without any feedback, but you are always welcome to download the Revised version for each task you’ve completed :white_check_mark:.

Have a great day! :dizzy: :sparkles:

Best regards. Lilav.


Hi @HagerElbadawy :orange_heart:

And many thanks for the amazing @Lilav_Alarashi for her clarification :star2:

As Lilav kindly mentioned, we always encourage our revisers to leave feedback on the translation work. However, this is not mandatory, so you won’t always receive it :confused:

But you can download the revised version to see the changes made, if any. Kindly refer to the relevant button in the tasks description as you can see in the example below :arrow_down:

We are currently trying to make the verification process easier, and we are doing regular check-ups to verify new translators if they provide quality work. Who knows? you may be the next! :eyes:

Thank you so much for your nice support Hager, best wishes :dizzy:


Thank you @Lilav_Alarashi . It’s clear now. :star_struck:

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Thank you @Aya.Alrifai . That motivated me to continue. :star_struck: :blossom:

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