New translator needs help


Greetings, everyone! I am a new translator on this website. I have tried unsuccessfully to access the Kato platform to revise a document (December newsletter from the Dominican Republic). I tried to download the translation, but was unable to do so. Also, when I clicked back to the page with the document, it (the document) had disappeared! I would very much like to complete this project, and would appreciate any pointers in the right direction. Many thanks!


Hi Evelyn, already reported to a project manager.


Hi @Evelyn1, welcome to TWB! Does the issue persists? I only could find two completed revision tasks associated with your profile. Could you please indicate the project you are referring to so we could investigate the issue?
Also, when you a have an issue directly related with a project you are working, please use the project thread. This way the project manager will be notified and it will be easier to assist you :slightly_smiling_face: