Module 7_Session plan

Its seems I cannot access : “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

I picked up the translation without realizing is was due a couple of days later, so i wish to postpone it possible.

PS : i’m pretty sure this new post will not have been created in the right section, sorry about that :wink:

Hi François, thanks for letting us know! You are right - when I click on the link it takes me right back to this page :thinking: @Viktorija is this something you can fix? And @fael what date would you like to postpone it to?

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Hi @fael, thank you for letting us know about this issue! However, there is nothing I can do about this error. :zipper_mouth_face:

And I have updated the deadline to May 8th. Will that work for you?



Thank you, it’s perfect !

Hi everyone,
An issue I’m encountering with the Kato platform (see below)

The page freezes everytime that message appears, and I have to reload it. Whatever I choose (Propagate to All, Only this Segment, or the Close button), nothing works.
You may want to look into this issue.

Hi Karen, how are you? Very sorry to hear about this - @Manuel do you know what’s the problem?

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A few comments on the part translated.
Some sentences were unclear - I inserted comments in my translation that should be reviewed by the reviser.
Additionally, the problem with pop-up windows (as explained earlier in this thread) made it really hard for me to review my translation (I always review/reread my translation before delivering).
Last, there may be strong discrepancies between chunks as some parts are identical but will have a different translation, which may be confusing for the reader.

That’s all on my part!

Hi Karen, thank you for your message! I’m sure the reviser @Eric and the PM @Viktorija will bear this feedback in mind :slight_smile:

Dear @Karen.Rolland,

Thank you for a great feedback! Kindly note that we always run a QA check and eliminate possible discrepancies.