Meet TWB in Barcelona!


:confetti_ball: Translators in the Barcelona area, we want to meet you! :champagne:

TWB is going to Barcelona and would like to organize a get-together with translators!

When? Monday, 18th of February, at 19:30
Where? Sants Vermuts, Carrer de Finlàndia 18 (closest metro station: Plaça de Sants, L1 and L5)

If you are in Barcelona that day, we would love to meet you. Please let us know if you are interested in coming, and we look forward to meeting you! :tada:

You can’t make it on the 18th? TWB is organizing a Quiz Night on Thursday 21st to celebrate the International Mother Language Day. It will be again in Sants Vermuts, around 20:00. Let us know if you are coming!


Wow!!! That’s awesome!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Too bad I am not around to join you guys in Barcelona!
I wish you all an amazing time!!!


That’s a shame, Caroline! Hopefully we will have other chances to meet in person :heart_eyes:


I will be in Barcelona and I’m interesting to meet you.
I await the more details :slight_smile:
See you soon!


Hi Gemma, awesome!! We will surely give you more information in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, save the date :wink: we look forward to meeting you


Depending on the hour, count me in! :slight_smile:


Lovely, we will let you know the time as soon as we decide. We are open to see what people prefer, so any suggestions is welcome! :wink:


I think I could be in Barcelona on Feb 18, and I would be happy to join in as well. Is there a particular time and location being considered? The end of working day/early evening usually fits well with my schedule, though I’m flexible to other times as well.


Great to hear that, Alice! It will probably be in the early evening (early for Spain at least, like 6 or 7 pm?) and one possible area is Sants, but still nothing confirmed. Hope that you will be able to make it!


Thanks Ambra, that sounds perfect, I’ll look forward to the confirmations and to meeting you and other folks there!


Available, depending on the time.


Hi @ambra! I would be flying over from Mallorca for the day for the TWB gathering, and I am about to schedule some other work meetings in Barcelona to be on the same day, to leverage the fact that I’d be in town.

Is it confirmed that February 18 is set for the TWB gathering? (so that I schedule my other stuff to occur on the correct day :slight_smile:


Hi Alice, this is so nice of you! Yes, the meetup will definitely be on the 18th - that it set in stone. We will give you more details about the place and time as soon as we know them!


@Gemma @eva.geissberger @Alice @Monica74 I updated the information above, we are meeting in Sants Vermuts on Monday 18th! We would love to see you :slight_smile:


Hi there, can I join even if I´m a rookie? I just joined TWB today. I´m not 100% sure about my availability yet, but I might turn up if that´s ok?


@ambra, thanks for the updated information, I confirm that I will be there, looking forward to meeting folks!


Hello Sara, of course! Anyone is welcome to join the meeting and we are really looking forward to meeting you all :tada:


Great, see you there.


Hi! I would like to come!


Lovely to hear this, Janette! Are you going to join us both days, or only on Monday/Thursday? :beers: