Master thesis: Spanish interpreter/transcriber for interviews about Colombian conflict and support

:question: interpreter and/or transcriber ESP - ENG
:speech_balloon: Interpretation during qualitative interviews (30mins) and/or transcription of these interviews for analysis
:clock3: September - December
:world_map: Remote

I’m an English-speaking Social Work Master’s student at the university of Ghent and I will be participating in an ongoing research project in Colombia in the context of a call for a better understanding of the armed conflict, its victims, and the recent history in Colombia. The project involves the formulation of a model of community psychosocial action from the perspective of the victim’s memories. This is important since research so far has shown current psychosocial support is failing.

My research question is related to the role of victimhood and perpertraterhood in psychosocial programs of organizations committed to reintegrating children and youth disengaged from armed groups in Colombia. For the reason that the attitude of the aid worker affects the aid given and thus the results. I can provide you with more information on the research project, as well on my specific research question. Feel free to contact me for more information!

These interviews promise to be very interesting with a big impact! Moreover, since it’s in cooperation with multiple Colombian universities with renowned scientists, it would be a nice addition to your resume.

I will probably need help of multiple people, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Happy to help. Let me know if you need anything. I’m a Colombian native and willing to volunteer


Hi @cmalvarezr

Thanks for your interest in this project and welcome to the TWB Community :star_struck:

I’m pinning @Vanessa.Speleers to make sure they get your message!

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Dear Claudia, thank you so much for your interest in my project! It’s of great value that you’re a Colombian native! Let’s get in touch :smiley:

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I would love to help any way I can. Please let me know what are the following steps.


I would love to be part of this project! I was born and raised in Colombia, therefore I am able to understand any colloquialism that might be used in the interview. I am also very familiar with the current situation of my country, so I have previous knowledge that will help me to process new information shared. Let me know how can I help!


Thank you @martellbety24 and @nataliam for offering your help :smiley:

You can contact Vanessa via the email mentioned above :arrow_double_up: so she lets you know how you can collaborate together :innocent:

Best of luck :orange_heart:

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I’m still looking for a second professional interpreter for the interviews during the month of March, if anyone is interested :smiley:

I would love to be a part of this project😊