Maintenance in Kató Platform on May 19

:construction_worker_woman: Important! :construction_worker_man: We perform maintenance in Kató Platform on Tuesday, May 19th :calendar: After that, you will need to log-in again using your email address and password. The TWB Workspace button for log-in doesn’t work at the moment, so please don’t use that one to log-in.

From Wednesday 20th, you will receive Kató Platform emails from a new email address :incoming_envelope: it will be from

There is a possibility that your provider will consider such messages as spam, so please check your spam folder, open the email and mark them as not spam (below you can see an example of what a possible spam email in gmail looks like - just click on “report not spam” and they will go to your inbox again).

Or, if you are using Outlook for example, you can just click on “it’s not junk”:

Different providers will show spam in slightly different ways. If you need assistance, please contact


Hello @ambra
No worries at all. Thanks for the notice and we hope that the maintenance be done successfully.
Thank you once more.


I can’t see the button to submit the task as usual. Is it normal within maintenance period?

Hi Lum, no that’s a glitch that unfortunately happened before the maintenance and will keep happening :joy: I just forced completion on Kato TM and you should be able now to submit your task.

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when will the maintenance ends? now i can’t have an access to the platform, i can’t submit the files which i began to do before the maintenance , i can’t download it on my lab, and i even wander am i the only person who faces this situation

Hi @marwaelgendy111 I am sorry you are experiencing issues logging in. I have sent you an email which should help you out :slight_smile: