Lost veriefied status

something strange happened to me!!
I have been verified by taking proz.com test and tasks became constantly appearing in my home page, after awhile period of a month not entering TWB, I received an email informing me about their regretion of not being verified. How could this happaen? and did it happen to any of you?

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Hi @Aisha_Zaki thanks for reaching out! :wave:

I can confirm you are still verified in English to Arabic. The email you received was about your Arabic to English test. Even though these two pairs contain the same languages, we consider them to be two separate language pairs. As such, translators need to take tests in each language pair to become verified.

You are most welcome to take the Arabic to English test again by returning to our ProZ testing center! But please note we can only allow translators two attempts at tests in each language pair.

I hope this was helpful Aisha! Let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: