LinkedIn skills endorsement

Hi TWB team,
How can I get LinkedIn Skill Endorsement?
I also applied feedback, but did not get any!

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Hi @Amin1,

I hope you are doing well!

To get a feedback on linkedin, you have to reach 20,000 donated words!
To be able to receive a feedback on Proz, you have to reach 40,000 donated words!

I will tag one of TWB staff for you for further help and this is in case you have already reached the minimum requirements for feedback on the professional platforms! @Aya.Alrifai (thanks in advance for your kind help :heart_eyes:)

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi @Amin1 :raising_hand_woman: (and hanks @Dalia1 for tagging me here :sunflower: )

I replied to your email when you requested feedback on ProZ a few days ago, please refer to it :email:

We’ll also be happy to add recommendations on LinkedIn, it will only take us some time to provide you with your rewards because of the load of the requests we have, we’ll do our best to have this done within a week :innocent:

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Thanks @Aya.Alrifai & @Dalia1