Let's translate in Style


Dear Colleagues,
We have been putting our time and effort to contribute in humanitarian cause by translating different types of documents to help people in need. We all have the same mindset of “Word matters” and that indeed matters in various situations; from Crisis situation to Education for children.:star2:
While we put our effort, we have to make sure that our translation is simple and easy to understand in a local essence in local format. That would make the recipients’ lives a bit easier while they are already coping with other day-to-day difficulties.
Here, we would like to share a “Myanmar Style Guide”, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LaKty_8QD9CBpYoPkHfUe0899hWzf88D/view?usp=sharing, which we developed in TWB, in a way to make our translation simpler, clearer and stylistic in local format. We hope that it would make our translation more efficient and uniform as well.:smiley:
Let’s start translating in STYLE :fireworks:


Amazing work, well done Ei Ei and your team, you are all stars :sunny:


Thank you, Ambra. We will always try our best for TWB and the people it supports. :smile: