Language pairs and assignments


I have several language pairs in my profile (en-es-fr), yet I only ever receive assignments for one of them (En>Fr), is there a reason for this?


Hello @Mathieu, chances are, it just means there are more En>Fr projects. Remember you can sign up for notifications in Kat贸 Platform as well, and you can claim any Spanish tasks you find there :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest! You have probably seen this already, but you can gain access to all the TWB Workspace tasks and partners by becoming a Kat贸 Verified translator :slight_smile: - I see that we didn鈥檛 inform you of that option directly when you signed up, a year ago.

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Thanks for the tip, Gloria :slight_smile:

Thanks Ambra, I鈥檝e submitted a test now :slight_smile:

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By the way, I鈥檝e 17k words on my badge to date, but I never received any feedback on any of my assignments. Is feedback available? I鈥檓 always looking for opportunities to improve :slight_smile:

Hello Mathieu, you can learn here how to find the reviews you received on KP.

We are working on a more structured way of providing feedback to translators, led by my wonderful colleague @marina. Stay tuned :wink:

Thanks, Ambra. Non of the assignments I鈥檝e done in Kat贸 TM appear for me on the Kat贸 platform, are these two systems separate? Does it mean there is no review is available for tasks carried out in the TM through This is where I did all my tasks.

Thanks a lot for the clarification. At the moment we don鈥檛 have a feedback sistem on the TWB Workspace and yes, they are two distinct platforms.


I鈥檓 fairly new to the platform. I鈥檝e signed up for weekly task stream notifications. The last notification I received was June 6, 2019. However my profile shows I last received notification on June 21. I haven鈥檛 received any updates.

Tips and suggestions welcome!


Hi @Jane2, thank you for reaching out! I see you are signed up for weekly notifications, but I don鈥檛 see the date in your profile when you last received a notification. Could you let us know where you see this so we can try to figure out the issue? :slight_smile:

Hello lovely translators :star2:

:bangbang: We鈥檝e recently introduced some changes to the Kat贸 Platform profile. You are now only able to add a maximum of six language combinations in your profile. If would like more than six language combinations on your profile, please let us know by emailing with the language pair you would like to add.
Thank you and happy translating :dizzy: