Language and region requirements

I’m new to the community and the platform, and excited to get started with translations!
I am a Spanish (Spain) speaker, and am wondering whether it is okay for me to take translation tasks for Spanish from other regions.
Thank you!


Hi and welcome @Leslie_Hoffman! This is a good discussion about this topic:
I hope this helps. L


Good afternoon, @Leslie_Hoffman :sun_with_face: - and, first of all, welcome to our community :partying_face: :heart:

In addition to what out lovely @faretto5 said (Thank you, Lucia :slight_smile: :heart:) - and answering directly to your question:

We are expected to only claim and work on a task if we are fluent on the languages involved. This means that, if you are a native European Spanish speaker, but are also well acquainted with, say, Spanish from Mexican, you are can work on those tasks.

However, if you aren’t, you are supposed to leave those for volunteers you are fluent in the language variants you aren’t. Unless, of course, a PM asks your help. :grin: In that case, you are very welcome to claim tasks intended for other language variants. :+1:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Have a great afternoon, both of you! :ocean:


Thank you and @faretto5 for your quick answers!
I really appreciate it, and am excited to get started with translation tasks in my appropriate language pairs :slightly_smiling_face: