Lack of translation task

I’ve joined TWB not long ago. I am also a Kató verified translator and has donated about 32,000 words. However, I have not seen any task for my language pair (English-Indonesian) since last month. Is there something wrong with my account?

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Hi @ialviansyah :slight_smile:
First of all congratulations on donating more than 30000 words - it’s an impressive milestone!
Can I double-check that in the last month you’ve been searching for new tasks following the instructions outlined in this video tutorial and FAQs ? If so, it could be that there are no translation tasks for English to Indonesian at the moment, but I suggest that you turn your email notifications on so you’ll receive an update every time a task becomes available :wink:

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Hi, @_carolina.

Thank you for your reply.
I have turned my email notification and I also regularly check the forum to find new task.

I am asking because I joined TWB in May and reached the 32,000 words during May and June period. So, I was kind of wondering when I could not find any task at all in the whole July.

Hi @ialviansyah :slight_smile:
I wouldn’t worry then, it might be that we haven’t received any request for English to Indonesian partners in the last month. It definitely isn’t an issue with your profile :+1: Hopefully some new tasks will be available soon! Thanks