KATO TM Russian Translators Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Call

Hello, everyone. My name is Magamed Aslanov, I am a 10+ years native Russian/Azerbaijani translator and interpreter.

Obviously I am not the only Russian translator here in TWB Kato Platform.

So, I wonder about following questions and professional KATO TM related volnteer activities:

  • Approximately, what is the number of Russian translators here in Kato TM Platform?
  • Do anyone here (among Russian linguists) collaborate for vocabulary, terminology or other translation/revision or any possible target Russian projects?

If the answer to these questions in general is no, I curious why is it so.
If the answer is yes, I how can I get integrated with my fellow Russian translators. I am very enthusiastic about this. Why not? In our profession, I have always believed in the spirit of collaboration and peer-to-peer learning concept.


Magamed Aslanov


Hi @Magamed, thank you for your thoughtful message!

We currently have over 1000 Russian translators registered in Kató Platform.

Collaborating with other translators is a wonderful idea and something we truly value and encourage at TWB :busts_in_silhouette:

As you may have seen, we have a section in TWB News called Opportunities for Translators/Interpreters, where we post external opportunities for our translators.

The discussion threads for projects are also great places to discuss and share vocabulary/terminology choices for a project :handshake:

Perhaps now that you have opened this thread you will start a discussion!:crossed_fingers:

Do let us know if you have any further thoughts Magamed. We always love hearing from our translators :ear:


Sure, Joanna. Thank for being supportive.

I did not know this details about collaboration, number of Russian translators. Impressive, 1000 Russian translators is quite a lot.

I am aware of project discussion threads. They are informative.

I hope Russian translators will raise their hands to call too. Direct communication within Community discussion of like-minded and natives, I believe can generate quality cooperation for us and TWB world of contributors ))




Hi @Magamed, you’re absolutely right. If I come across anyone looking to connect I’ll be sure to direct them here :slight_smile:
Have a lovely day! :sunny:


Good morning @Magamed, I’m a Russian speaker and saw your message…I just wanted to reach out and say hello, and how much I appreciate your idea for all of us to work collectively! Have a lovely day,


Hello and Приветствую, @tgabow Tenaya.

You are the first among Russian speakers to react. Good to know you.

May I know a little bit about your translator engagement with TWB Kato P

If you can please spread the word @tgabow. So, more Russian speaker could get invovles into my Collaboration Call.

By the way. where are you from?

Hi @Magamed, Since Russian isn’t my strongest language, I work on the TWB site mostly in Spanish and French, but I’d still be very interested in contacting others and learning more! Sorry if this isn’t quite what you were hoping for. I will certainly spread the word when I talk to other people!


Hi @tgabow. Sure. Thank you showing interest in this topic and being supportive. It is crucial in our industry to share and care about one another. Well, at least I have this sort of work mentality. Good luck!

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Приветствую, @Magamed Магамед (надеюсь, правильно написал). Меня зовут Ильдар, я из Ташкента, Узбекистан. Я тоже носитель русского языка.

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Привет @ildar!!!

Рад вашему ответу! Вы умница, правильно написали мое имя)))

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