Kató TM cancelled my translated segment, why does this happen?


You might have noticed that if you don’t enter a translated segment on Kató TM within a time limit, it will be reverted to the original TM. We are aware of this issue and we are addressing it. The reverting translations issue is limited to older MateCat versions. We are currently migrating from this older version to the newer Kató 2.0, and the reverting translation issue should disappear once the migration is completed.


Hello Gloria,

I’m also experiencing this issue currently. Do you know if the migration has taken place? How could I find out what version of Kató I’m using? Thank you very much,


Hi Maria! Thanks for reaching out. We will investigate. Can you please confirm you are talking about the project Collective Communication and Community Engagement Guide?


Yes, correct, I’m translating Chunk 5.
Thanks for looking into it.