Interest for blog posts on summarized articles on human rights/humanitarian translation?


Hello everyone. Happy hump day!
In the spirit of continuing my own professional development as a translator in the fields of human rights, humanitarian action, and international development and sharing what I have learned with other translators, I thought I would begin a series of weekly or biweekly blog posts summarizing key points and relevant information for professional translators that I have taken away from academic articles or chapters of books written on these fields of translation or even different seminars or webinars.
Is this something that would interest TWB translators? Does anyone have tips or requests so that these summaries are useful and original? I’m hoping these articles could perhaps encourage some interaction among translators despite our hermit tendencies!
Let me know what you think!



Hi @Graham! Good night! I think that everything that comes to add as your sharing of the articles and other stuff would be useful. At the end, I believe that we always have something to learn. Weekly or biweekly its your choice. Thanks in advance for your offer.

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Hi @Kakau, thanks for your interest! I have written my first brief and shared it on LinkedIn via the following link : Should you have any issues accessing it, let me know!

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It’s ok @Graham! I’ve a profile on LinkedIn as well. I’ll read your post. Thanks in advance for sharing it.



Hi Graham,
I think this is an excellent idea. I have just read your article on linked in and it is really interesting. I look forward to reading more. Have a good day.