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I’m a new TWB translator and I’d just like to know if it’s normal that I don’t have the “claimed tasks” page when I’m on my profile page?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Hello @Emeline2, welcome to our lovely TWB community! :smiley_cat:

There are a lot of volunteer translators here and it’s normal for tasks to be claimed rather quickly, so the daily notifications might no be enough: just check your Kato homepage as often as you can during the day.

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Thank you @ElenaF. Have a good day.

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I’m not new at all :slight_smile: , but I’ve never thought of asking the following questions:

  • Can I post about the exact translations I’ve been doing for TWB and for which associations, charities, etc. on my social media? E.g.: “I recently finished a 5000-word translation for FHI360 about Hand hygiene and it had very interesting points such as…”
  • Can I also use the translations I’ve done here as sample translations for my future clients?
  • Finally, can I also do translations into what is usually my source language at some point? I do ENG>SPA, so I’d like to try SPA>ENG since I already do it professionally.

Thank you very much! :smiley:

Edit: I’ll start pinging people I think might now about the topic, let’s start with @ElenaF

Hi @Josehsmentol!

I’m only a volunteer on the Kato platform, just like you, but I think I can answer your questions.

On the Kato Platform, go to the Profile tab, scroll down until you see the heading Reference Email. Click on the button there (Request Reference) and you’ll receive an email (at the address you listed in your profile) with a record of your activity for TWB. I think you are allowed to share that information as you see fit. Here’s a screenshot of how that record looks like:

I’ve found this thread with a similar question, answered by a TWB employee:

The consensus in the worldwide translating community is that translators should only translate into their native language. Here’s an article on the topic. I hope you have educated native-like knowledge of both language and culture of both languages in your language pair, since you are translating both ways professionally. If you want to see tasks for SPA>ENG in your Kato task stream, just go to the Profile tab, click on Edit Profile Details, go to the next page and add another language pair with the plus button. Here is a screenshot of where it is located:

I hope this helps! Happy translating!


So the key is to say “contributed by translating/reviewing part of…” and only if it’s publicly available, unless TWB helps us get permission from their partners.

Seems fair enough. Thank you very much for your reply Elena :smiley_cat:

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That’s what I understand from that message too :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, José! Happy translating!

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Hi everyone :smiley: and thank you so much Elena for collecting the information that José needed, this is super great! :star2: You are also both welcome to reach out to us at either here on the forum (FAQs section) or via the email address for any general information related to the translation work, and we will surely be happy to help you :smiley:

All the best :orange_heart: