In need of a task

Looking to translate in almost any language but I’m good with english, spanish, arabic, french… only 4 but I’m good with translation. Send a message on here and give me a task please.

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Good morning, @cecealove :sun_with_face:

New tasks are always posted here in the community, so try to have a look throughout the day. (Please note that, as a rule, we have less new tasks during the weekend.) I’m sure you will find plenty of tasks soon. :slight_smile:

4 languages is actually is a lot, congratulations! :smiley: By the way, did you add all of them to your profile? In case you haven’t, please read this: Update your profile on Kató Platform.

I often see new tasks available for the ones you mentioned (although I think English is usually our main source language). From what I understand, you are an English native speaker, but if you think you would do a good job translating from English to one or more of the other languages you are fluent in, add them to your profile. Please note that, if you want to add more than 6 languages combinations on your profile, you’ll have to contact the TWB team via email. :email: You will find this information on the aforementioned thread. :point_up_2:

:white_check_mark: By the way, did you take the tests to become a Kató Verified Translator in all your language pairs? That will give you access to more tasks. You’ll find all you need to know in this thread: How to become a Kató Verified Translator?

:open_book: In the meantime, you may also want to take this free, certified course: Introduction to Humanitarian Translation for Kató Translators.

Thank you for your desire to help. :+1:

Have a great Sunday! :hibiscus:


Hi @cecealove :wave: I sent you an email at the end of last week about getting started with us :slight_smile:
Do let me know if you didn’t you receive it! :tulip:

@andfraz thank you for your wonderful reply!

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