I didn't have the opportunity or claim any tasks for a translation project the last few months

Hello everyone! I am a student of translation and since last year I started, I became a part of the TWB Kato Community. My languages pairs are English- Greek, Greek-EngIish, French-English, English- French, Greek-French. In my profile, I have asked to receive task stream e-mail updates daily but they aren’t coming often. When I receive them the tasks are already claimed from someone else. How can I receive and claim more tasks? I have been wondering how can I become a verified kato translator? Are there any tests that I could do for any language pair and thus receive more translations projects to that language pair? I can’t become a verified kato translator through a membership to any organisation of translators and send the certification because I am still student. I want through the organisation such as Translators without borrdes to help other people and gain experience for my professional career.
Can someone help me and answer these questions, please? Thank you.


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