How to upload a .sdlxliff file to the platform?


I have translated a file with SDL Trados Studio but I can’t upload my file to the platform. How can I do that?


Hello @Anne2, thank you for asking! For future reference and to get a quicker answer, I would recommend you post questions about the projects you are translating in the corresponding section of the forum. There is a forum thread for every task. In this case, you can see the thread in the section:

Discuss this task on Kató Community:

It is possible to upload a .sdlxliff file to the platform but you will have to coordinate with the PM first and make sure they agree with you working off Kató TM. Please also refer to this topic to learn more about our online tool.

In this case I think you can send the .sdlxliff file to my colleague @MiriamTWB or @Jessicai.


Thank you for your answer! Sorry to ask, I’m fairly new on here, but how do I send a file to someone? I can’t find any “write a message” icon in the Messages app. Thanks for your help!


Hi @Anne2, if you click on my colleagues names (@Miriam and @Jessicai) you will go to their profiles and find an option to leave a message. You can also send an email to


Hi Anne, we have been following up on the project and saw that you could upload the translation. Now, the revision is also complete. Thank you very much for your cooperation with the International Catholic Conference of Guiding :slight_smile: