How to tell if your translation/revision is complete on Kató TM

There is a bar at the bottom left of the Kató TM which shows the word count and your progress with your task.

Also, each segment has a grey/blue/green stripe at it’s left, which signals it’s status. Grey means the segment has not been translated yet, blue that it has been translated, and green that it has been revised.

The translation is done once all segments are blue:

The revision is done once all the segments are green:



URGENT, the task is for Monday 9th of September, 2019 in the morning before 12:00.

I have all the sidebars in green for this task:

Chunk 6 of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (ASRHR) Training Materials

However I do not see where I can click on “completed” and then do the other steps (copying to submit is, etc.)

Can you help me, please?
Kind regards,

Hi Michelle, thank you for your message. It looks like you successfully marked the task as complete, is that right? Please let us know if you have further questions.
On a side note, whenever you have a question about a project you are working on, I would encourage you to use the corresponding thread in the forum. If you are not sure how to find it, please check here.

Hello team!

I’m trying to approve the segments of my assigned translation, but there must be a mistake, because the TM doesn’t let me to do so.

I tried to do it yesterday, but it didn’t let me either. What do you do in such situations? I cannot finish the revision and to deliver the project.

I don’t know if I’m asking in the right place.

Hope to get some answers.

Best regards,

Hi @AlinaP, thank you for your message. I don’t see any tasks in progress claimed by you in Kato Platform. Could you please clarify which task you are referring to? Thanks! :slight_smile:
We encourage our volunteers to ask project-specific questions in the respective thread in this forum. If you are not sure how to find it, please take a look here.