How to register on the TWB Workspace


Hi @mbra! I’ve just received an e-mail inviting me to joinTWB workspace using my proz password. Does it mean that I have passed the translation exam? Thanks!!!

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Hi Maria, yes, you are now a Kató Verified Translator for English to Spanish. Congratulations! :clap:

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Thank you, Carla!:grinning:



Hi :slight_smile:
Yes I’ve received the e-mail notification
I have now access to access to the TWB WS
I can also work on English > French combination.
It’s not selected in my profile.
Although I’ve performed the all the three tests available in proz test center.
Can you please help me ?
Thank you very much !



Hi Farid!
Thank you for your message. My colleague @Ambraluna will take a look at your profile on WS as soon as she can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Okay @AnaC, got it…
Thank you for following up :slight_smile:



I received the invitation today, but I can’t have access to the workspace. I want to make sure if there is any technical error or the problem in my connection



Hi @Sara6, thank you for your message. Could you please try to access Workspace from a computer to see if the issue persist? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried, still the same problem.@AnaC



Hi @Sara6, sorry for keeping you waiting but I was trying to understand what is the issue. We had a technical problem when we approved you test that should be fixed now. Could you please try to access Workspace now? If you the issue persists could you share another email address with us, so we can create a new account for you? Do so by emailing us at

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Hello @Anac, thank you for your efforts, unfortunately, the error still exists. I also tried to access the site by Google search but it has the same problem. I am going to send you another email address.



Hi @Sara6, thank you so much! You should receive a new invitation next week.
@Ambraluna, FYI

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@ambra I was in the sample tests page of Proz but unfortunately, I am unable to find the English-Italian combination to translate a text. Could you please let me know if something in Italian (target text) is available in order to proceed with the translation test? It seems there is nothing in Italian :frowning:
Thank you



Hi Sara, yes of course you can take a translation test for English to Italian. You just need to select Italian from the drop down menu for the title you want to translate, as you see in the screenshot:

Spanish is the default language, but if you click on the drop down menu you will be able to see many more :slight_smile: