How to register on the TWB Workspace


Here you’ll learn how to create your profile on the TWB Workspace translation platform, in 5 easy steps.

  1. We will invite you to create a TWB Workspace profile for you. When this happens, you will receive an invitation email to join the TWB Workspace:

  2. In the email, you will see the following message:

  3. Click on the hyperlink in the box to activate your account:

  4. A new window will open for you, please click on ACCEPT:

  5. After clicking on Accept, you will see two options:

If you already have a profile, please choose the first option (Green). You can simply log in with your username and password.

If you don’t have a profile, please choose “Create a new account” (Blue). This will create a new account on the TWB Workspace, not on In the little window that opens for you, you need to create a username for yourself (you can use your name, your email, or any other word as a username) and a password.

That’s all! Welcome to the TWB Workspace! :sunflower:
If you are having problems logging in, please contact
Please make sure to explain your issue in details and provide screenshots whenever possible. We will contact you back in 1-2 working days.

Proz community

If I have both a TWB Workspace account and a Trommons account, will I be able to merge the two accounts?


Hello, thank you for your question :slight_smile: we are working on this and it should be possible in the next months.


@ambra I haven’t received an invitation to join Workspace. Could you send one, please?


Hello Mary, apologies for the delay - do you still need assistance?


Hi @ambra. I have now been able to join Workspace. However, I still haven’t received the outcome of my German-English test. Would you be able to follow it up, please?


Hello, we checked the status of your DE>EN test and it isn’t reviewed yet. Our reviewers don’t seem to be available at the moment, we will look for others and ask to give priority to your test. Sorry to keep you waiting!


Hello @ambra. I still have not heard about my German-English test, even though you said it is being given priority. It is very disappointing and frustrating to have to wait so long.


Dear @Mary,

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the delay.
I’m tagging my colleague @Ambraluna so she can take a look at the status of your test.



Dear @Mary,

We just approved your test, you should have already received a notification.



Thank you, Ambraluna! :smiley:


Hello @ambra. I still haven’t received an invitation to join Workspace either. Could you please send one? Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear @Anica ,

to join the Workspace, our other translation platform, you need to be verified.
How to become verified:

  1. Submit a translation test ( in the ProZ testing center. The tests are currently available only in select language pairs but I can confirm you that the English to Serbian test is available.
  2. Show evidence of recognized translation certification such as Certified PRO, ATA or ITI (this is the fastest option).



Hi @ambra,

How are you today? I have a question.

Can I send an invitation link from Kato to my friends so they can join as well? like a personalized invitation.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Amal, thank you so much for asking! We’d really appreciate if you spread the word about TWB with your network. :sunflower:
Rather than sending an invitation, you can tell to anyone interested that they can start as a TWB volunteer language professional by completing the sign-up form here.
Would that be enough, you think? Your input about how we can better spread the word about our organization will be very appreciated :wink:


Is Trommons & TWB Workspace the only translation platforms of TWB ?
I think that I haven’t the access to TWB WS yet…


Thank you Ambra for your reply :slight_smile:
I think it would be nicer if there are links to share the form on LinkedIn and social media directly from the page rather than sending the whole link of the form.

I hope my feedback would be useful to you in any way :hibiscus:


Hi Farid, my colleague @Ambraluna has just approved your English & French to Arabic test and you should have received a notification to join the TWB Workspace. Congratulations, this means that you are now a Verified Translator for English to Arabic and French to Arabic :clap:


Hi Amal, thanks a lot for this suggestion! Do you refer to something like the social share buttons? Like one of those social media icons that automatically pulls up a post for the corresponding network?

I shared your idea with our Comms team and they said it should be possible on our website for the sign-up page :slight_smile: it that what you had in mind?

We love hearing new suggestions :sunflower:


Hi @ambra,

Yes, that’s what I was thinking about. Thank you for sharing my idea with the team. I’m glad that you’re working on it :slight_smile: