How to find leftover words

I have finished revising the task. double-checked, yet it shows that I still got around 400 words to revise. Any idea why? and how can I resolve this issue?


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Hi @AbeerAlHaqbi,
welcome to our community! If you clck on the “To-do” words (at the very bottom left)and nothing new appears, it might be a glitch. One of the staff will assist you by tomorrow. I hope it helps. Have a lovely Sunday! :star:

…by the way, I have just clicked on “your link” and I see there are still segments to be revised: the ones with a blu bar next to it. The first one is segment number 3814755.

Thank you @faretto5!! I’ve been trying for the last 20 mins to figure out the problem.

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Hi @AbeerAlHaqbi, thanks for reaching out to us! :slight_smile:

I can see that now with the help of the kind @faretto5 you managed to complete your task and you’ve successfully submitted it, well done! :raised_hands: Thanks Lucia for your help :green_heart:

For future references, this video tutorial shows how to find a topic in Kató Communty; in this way, you can leave a message in the respective project thread so that your Project Manager will be notified and they will be able to assist you :nerd_face:

Thanks again for your support, Abeer!

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