How to fill out the translator sign up form


Thank you for your interest in becoming a TWB translator! To become a TWB translator, your first step would be to complete the sign up form. The form itself is rather short and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to fill out. As your first point of entry at TWB, it is very important that you fill it out correctly with all the information asked for. Below is the explanation on how to answer some of the questions on the form.

Are you already a translator with TWB? - Please select Yes if you have ever translated for TWB or the Rosetta Foundation. If you are not sure, please select Not sure.

Native Language - Your native language is a language you have been exposed to from birth or within a long period of your life or education. It generally is the language you are more fluent in.

Please list all languages in which you can translate - Source language is a language you are proficient in and that you understand enough to translate from. It can be a language you learnt during childhood or as an adult. Target language is the language you are more fluent in, and that you feel confident translating into. It generally coincides with your native language.

In general, people translate from any language they are proficient in (also called source language) into their first/native language (also called target language). For example, if the language you are more fluent in is Spanish, and you also have a proficient knowledge of English and French, your language combinations should be selected as follows:

Primary Source Language: English
Primary Target Language: Spanish
Secondary Source Language: French
Secondary Target Language: Spanish

Another example: you are a native speaker of Arabic and mainly translate from English to Arabic. However, you also occasionally translate from Arabic to English. In that case your language combinations would be the following:

Primary Source Language: English
Primary Target Language: Arabic
Secondary Source Language: Arabic
Secondary Target Language: English

:bangbang: We’ve recently introduced some changes to the TWB Platform profile. You are now only able to add a maximum of six language combinations in your profile. If would like more than six language combinations on your profile, please let us know by emailing with the language pair you would like to add.

Your URL - Please copy paste your profile URL in this field

Do you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct? - Please make sure to read the TWB Code of Conduct. You must select Yes if you want your application to be processed.

TWB Privacy Policy - The privacy of your data is very important to TWB. Please read the TWB Privacy Policy. Please note that if you don’t select Yes, I agree to communications from Translators without Borders by email, TWB will have no way of communicating with you regarding any translation jobs. If at any point you wish to unsubscribe from TWB communications, you can always do that.

If you have any additional questions or difficulties with submitting the form, please email We hope to see you among us!

TWB Community Team