How to become a Kató Verified Translator


Thanks for asking Yulia! I know I already replied by private message, but just for everyone’s benefit: the translation test is optional and you may want to take it only to get access to all tasks for your language combinations. For now, you can see only tasks that can be claimed by unverified users. If you can’t see any it means there are no tasks available at the moment, please try another day :slight_smile:


@ambra how do we know if we succeed? Do we receive a mail? Is it possible to have the feedback ?


Hello Celine, yes you will receive an email today to confirm that you have passed the test (I checked and your EN>FR test is approved!). My colleague @Ambraluna will create a profile for you today.


Thank you. Do you know if the Dutch to French was already reviewed ?


No, it wasn’t. That one is going to take longer as we don’t have many active reviewers for that language combination. Thank you for your patience!


Hi @Celine1,

I can confirm you that your test has been approved, you should have received a notification. Congratulation as you are now a Katò Verified translator :tada:.



@ambra @ambraluna thank you :slight_smile:


Hi All
I’ve passed two EN>FR approval tests & I’m waiting for the results.
But I’m better in ARA<>FR combination,
unfortunately, there’s no test for it.
Why is that the case ?
Bests !


Hi Ahmad,

Thank you.



Hello Farid, thank you for your message. If you can’t find the combination AR<>FR in the testing center, it means we don’t have active reviewers available to review tests in that language combination. This generally happens because we don’t have many translation requests in that language combination. If you haven’t yet, please remember to update your language pairs in your Kato Platform profile (you can add AR<>FR as well) and to sign up for email notifications. You cal also learn how to find available tasks, claim a task and complete a task.


Hello , I’ve been taking the test and all of a sudden I was disconnected while being in the middle of the test what should I do?


Hello Fatima, sounds like it has been a connection issue on your end? If you have been disconnected before submitting the test, it is likely that we have not received anything. Please take another test.


Hello Ambra, thanks for your help.I’ve already taken another one and submitted it . Could you tell me how and when I’ll know about my test result ?


Hello Fatima, in generally translators have to wait 2-3 weeks before they hear back. In some cases it can take shorter than that. It depends on our volunteer reviewers’ availability. If you don’t hear back after 3-4 weeks please check this topic to ask for a follow up.
As soon as your test is approved, you will receive an email notification.


Hello Ambra,

I’m already a TWB approved translator, since I have passed the test. ShouId I automatically qualify as a Kató Vertified Translator as well?

Thank you for your clarification!



Dear @Ivana1,

I can confirm you are a Katò Verified translator. Your profile was not up to date so it was not showing but I have just fixed that.



Thank you Ambraluna!


Hi! I just wanted to know if I passed the TWB qualification Test.


Dear @Maria12,

your test was approved on November 1st, so congratulations, as you are now verified.



oh! I am so happy! Thanks a lot!