How to become a Kató Verified Translator


Thanks, @ambra. I sent my proof of verification immediately, but haven’t heard anything back. I haven’t had a response to my translation tests either. I’d love to get started as a verified translator!


Hello. Bunch of thanks.


@Ambraluna can you please let Mary know if we received her proof of verification and if she is set as verified? Thank you!


Hello Ahmad, can you please clarify what you mean?


Dear @Mary,

unfortunately we have not received any email from you, please try and send another one with your proof of verification. As for your translation test, please check this topic to find out how to ask for a follow up.



Hello @Ambraluna: I have sent another email now. Please could you confirm that it has been received? Thank you.


Hello. I gave thanks to you for your consideration. “Hello Ahmad, your test hasn’t been reviewed yet but I have asked the reviewer to give it priority. You should hear back from us within a week. Thank you for your patience.”
Thanks and regards,
Ahmad Dabagh


Sorry, I must have misread that :slight_smile: Tuesday blues!
We are expecting to receive a feedback about your test tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.


Dear @Ambraluna

Could you give me an update regarding the Spanish test I did on 10 th of April please?
My ProzID is 2495414

Kind regards,


my Proz ID is 2572207


I am wondering how to start helping out. Do I need to take a test before I am given work to help out on? Thanks for your help


Hello Rodd, thank you for your message! No, you don’t need to take any tests to start working on TWB tasks. You can simply register on our translation platform (Kato Platform), add your language combinations and start looking for a task you are interested in! If you are not verified (through the test or by showing a proof of verification such as Proz PRO status, ATA or ITI certification or CIOL membership/certification) you will only get access to a limited number of tasks. If you decide to become verified, you will have access to all tasks matching your level and language combinations.
I hope this ìclarifies how we work and how you can start making the difference with your language skills today! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Once we become a Kató verified translator, is it possible to get any kind of certificate or documentation attesting to that? The reason I ask is that I can do some translating for a visa sponsor organization, but they require a stamp or some kind of certificate showing that I am a Kató verified translator.

Thank you.


Hello Mark, yes that should be possible. All translators can request a reference letter when they translate a certain amount of words (for now, the threshold is 20,000 words, with some flexibility depending on the needs). When you request it, remember to specify that you need us to state your verified combinations. I hope this helps!



I just registered myseld, and I have a question. Is it mandatory to have a profile on Proz? Is there no other way to take the Qualification Test?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello Marta, thank you for your question. Unfortunately at the moment the only way you can take a Qualification Test is through the testing platform on and therefore yes, you need a profile on Proz. This could change in the next months, though!
On a side note: have you seen our photo contest? It will run until October 24th and the winner will receive a TWB branded gift! We hope to see you there!



I took a test for two language pair (english to french and dutch to french) but I haven’t my results yet. I took the first test on the 19th of october. How long have I to wait until I get my results ?

my proz account

Thanks in advance for your answer


I passed the qualification test today
But I didn’t find my preferred language pairs Arabic-French, French-Arabic, English-Arabic
Can you help me please ?


Hi, I’ve joined TWB recently. Do I need to pass Qualification test first to be able to claim tasks?
I don’t see Translation tasks on the platform only Projects.

Thank you.



Hello @Yulia2, welcome to TWB. At the beginning of this post, @ambra has explained about the qualification test pretty clearly. Moreover, if you have further questions, you can ask from @ambra.

Good luck!