How should we finalise the task?

Hi everyone,

I claimed a task but I’m not sure if it was already have been translated, I reviewed it but it still indicates there is 16 segments with potential issues.
I don’t now how to finalise the document and what to do once we translated or reviewed the document.

Hello, you have indeed 3 tasks in progress in your profile, however from what I see, you haven’t started working on any of them. To stark working on a task you need to go to your claimed tasks section and click on the button “translate using Kato TM”.

Does this help?

Here are also some helpful links you may want to check:


Actually I claimed two tasks only, I didn’t claim the third one.
I submitted one of them. I’m working on the second one.

The third is the translation test we assigned to you :slight_smile:

Well, fine Ambra I’ll do it as soon as I finish reviewing the second task. :slight_smile:

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Hello, I followed the video link you send to sumit my task but i see nothing there to click. Thanks

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Hello Ibrahim, please go to and then click on the section Claimed Tasks from the upper menu. From there, click on the button “Translate using Kato TM”. You still have 437 words to translate :slight_smile:
In case you can’t find it, here is the link:

Hello Ambra i was sent an email to complete my task today and also i am in the process now. Well my main problem is when I press the translate button, what i translate doesn’t appear on the screen and how am I suppose to know how far I have gone. Thanks

Hi Ibrahim, I see that the task at the above link is all completed and ready, do you need help with anything else?

Hi everyone,

I’ve received multiple tasks job but there is no way that I can click to the task to begin translating. Any solution?

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Problem solved -------------------------------------

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Thanks for letting us know @Oubachir! How did you manage to solve it in the end? :dizzy:

Hi JoannaW, actually I’m not quite sure :sweat_smile: , I think that I just forget how to use the platform.

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Haha I understand! If ever you have a doubt, you can always refer back to our welcome pack - it has some links you may find useful :wink: