How do I find the translation that needs to be reviewed?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just started on my first revising task, and it is my very first task.
After I claimed the task, how do I go about and find the completed translation?
The source document preview l only shows: Please follow PM instructions by email.
Should I wait for email from PM? or have I missed something? Have I miss claimed a task that’s not ready for revision?

Task ID is 72478.

I’d really appreciate if someone could provide some guidance. Thank you so much!

Hi @Zhiyu :slight_smile: and welcome to the TWB Community! :tada:
Usually, if the documents shows ‘Please follow PM instructions via email’, you should indeed receive some guidelines from the PM.
However, for the sake of clarity, could you please post this question in the relevant thread? You can learn how to do it watching this video tutorial. Let me know if there’s anything else I could help you out with :two_hearts:

Thank you, Carolina!

I tried to click on the link. The page was showing “That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

But it’s displaying properly now. I’ve posted my question there.

Thank you for your support and the warm welcome!

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