How do email notifications work?

Would you like to be notified about new tasks for your language pairs when they become available? :raising_hand_woman: Do you have trouble setting up your notification settings? :incoming_envelope: You didn’t receive an email notification after submitting a task? :man_shrugging: You have another problem concerning email notifications? This is the place where you can get it sorted :arrow_down:

:envelope_with_arrow: Follow these instructions to set up email notifications. You will be notified when new tasks in your language combinations become available.

:white_check_mark: You should receive a confirmation of submission of the task by email. If you don’t receive if, please let us know about it in the project thread.

:loudspeaker: If you claimed a revision task, you will be automatically notified when the task is translated and ready for revision.

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Hi. I am not receiving any email notifications at the moment. On my profile it says I received an email on 26 October 18:17 UTC but I did not receive this email and I have checked spam as well. My email address is correct and I have received emails in the past.
Many thanks,
Deb Profitt


Hi Debra, thank you for reaching out!

Everything seems to be in order. I have checked with our tech team, and no emails were sent to you since the 1st of October. The reason you are not receiving any notifications may be due to the fact that some tasks are restricted to Verified Translators. If you would like to have access to them I encourage you to become verified, you can learn how to do it here.