How do email notifications work?

Would you like to be notified about new tasks for your language pairs when they become available? :raising_hand_woman: Do you have trouble setting up your notification settings? :incoming_envelope: You didn’t receive an email notification after submitting a task? :man_shrugging: You have another problem concerning email notifications? This is the place where you can get it sorted :arrow_down:

:envelope_with_arrow: Follow these instructions to set up email notifications. You will be notified when new tasks in your language combinations become available.

:white_check_mark: You should receive a confirmation of submission of the task by email. If you don’t receive if, please let us know about it in the project thread.

:loudspeaker: If you claimed a revision task, you will be automatically notified when the task is translated and ready for revision.


Hi. I am not receiving any email notifications at the moment. On my profile it says I received an email on 26 October 18:17 UTC but I did not receive this email and I have checked spam as well. My email address is correct and I have received emails in the past.
Many thanks,
Deb Profitt


Hi Debra, thank you for reaching out!

Everything seems to be in order. I have checked with our tech team, and no emails were sent to you since the 1st of October. The reason you are not receiving any notifications may be due to the fact that some tasks are restricted to Verified Translators. If you would like to have access to them I encourage you to become verified, you can learn how to do it here.


My email notifications are active and set to “daily notification”, but over the past few months, and with just one exception, I have not received any notifications in my language pairs, whereas I know for a fact (as I have seen the dates of other completed projects) that there have been texts to work on, in this period.

I saw from the other query in this thread that some tasks are restricted to Verified Translators. My status on TWB is just “Kató Translator”, so maybe that’s why…or is it the same thing?

Many thanks for your help!

Hi @Switzer-Matt

Thank you for reaching out :dizzy:

As you rightly said, sometimes you may not receive email notification every day, even if your preferences are set to be on a daily basis. This could happen according to the availability of tasks

It’s also worth mentioning that in general, our tasks have English as their source language, so if you’d like to have an increased chance to find tasks, you may find it useful to add other language pairs you can work on, maybe English to German for example, also keeping an eye on the homepage can help you see the tasks and catch them once they are posted :innocent:

I hope this helps!

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Thank you, @Aya.Alrifai , and I hope you had a nice break. Happy 2022!

Actually, I seem to be at the maximum number of language pairs (4?), and there’s no way to specify in which of those pairs I would easily be able to translate in both directions.

We’re encouraged to only translate into our native languages (which is the industry standard), but I effectively have two native languages (and the other two were acquired later on).

So I guess it’s a system settings thing. Too bad :frowning_face: :grinning:

Best wishes & greetings from Switzerland

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Bonjour, I am new to TWB and only registered last week. Do you know how long it will take before I start receiving some email notifications? I am not a qualified translator but have lived in the UK for over 25 years and am bilingual French/English.
Thank you


Bonjour @781987 et bienvenue ! :+1:t3:

I’ll let the friendly moderators confirm, as it depends on a couple of things (your frequency settings, demand in your language pair(s), etc.).

Meilleurs vœux pour 2022, et salutations depuis la Suisse :switzerland:

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Bonjour Matt et merci de votre message. J’attends avec impatience de pouvoir faire ma première traduction. Meilleurs voeux à vous aussi pour cette nouvelle année.


Happy new year to you too @Switzer-Matt :partying_face:

Actually every language pair you list in your profile will be one-direction pair :arrow_right: and the platform gives a space to list up to 6 pairs. However, we can add more from our side, so please feel free to let us know if you’d like us to add new pairs for you, considering to choose (as you rightly pointed out!):

:one: the source language to be a language you’re proficient in, and
:two: the target language to be a language you’re native in :innocent:

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Hi Sandrine @781987! and welcome to our community! :partying_face:

As Matt rightly said, the email notifications depend on the availability of tasks in your language pairs, and on how often you prefer to receive them (I can see that you set your preferences to receive emails on a daily basis) :email:.

However, don’t worry if you don’t find emails from us on some days, this will only happen we we don’t have tasks. I’d also recommend keeping an eye on the homepage to find the tasks available faster :innocent:

Let us know if you have any questions! :dizzy:

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Thank you very much Aya. I look very much forward to doing my first translation :fr:

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Good afternoon,

I have received this morning 4 email notifications about some new translations being requested. I was pretty excited as I have been looking forward to doing my first translation for TWB. However, when I clicked on the 4 links, I got either of these messages: ‘you cannot access this project’, ‘you do not have sufficient privileges’. I totally understand that I will have to start at the lowest level as I am not a qualified translator. However, why do I receive notifications of projects I cannot do? Thank you and have a good day.

Hi @781987

Could you please forward to me the email notifications you received at so I can see the tasks you are referring to?

Hello Aya,

I have emailed them to you this morning.

Thank you

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