How can I review the actual infographic that the translation is accompanying?

Hi there,
I am new here, and wanted to ask your advice.
I find that translating for an infographic needs the actual graphics to maintain context. In other words, it is not enough to have the original text, I need the images as well. Is there a way to see the whole picture before translating / reviewing?
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Hello @ORN, :cherry_blossom:

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If I am not mistaken, you are asking how to find the original file in the Word format. If so, you can easily download the original and the translated files when you open Kato TM as you can see in this image…

If there is no link to Kato TM, you can download the files from the submitting task page.

Also, sometimes the partner provides some resources or instructions for translators. You can find them in the thread specific to the project you are working on. Here is a video tutorial to learn how to find it.

Hope this helps. :dizzy:


Thanks for the quick response!
I downloaded the file and it had only the text to translate. From your message I take it that sometimes I would find the illustrations as well as the text in that word file. I will watch for them next time.
Another point I took in from your link is the advice to try and ask for the actual infographic (illustration) in the project page.
Thanks again and stay safe!


Hi Ornit,

Welcome to the wonderful community, please refer to the image below for your convenience.

In addition to what Salwa said, sometimes you won’t be able to use Kato TM to translate or revise a task, especially when that’s in pptx format (I find editing pptx files on Kato TM unfitting). In that case, you have to go to your “Claimed Tasks” and choose the task you want to work on. Then scroll down and download the “original project file” and “latest uploaded file.”

Original project file is the source file (you download this when you are going to translate).
Latest uploaded file is the translated file (you are advised to download both the source and latest file while revising a task).