How can I access Kató TM?

I watched the video answering this question, but I am not good to listen the informations,
I am good to “read” the informations.


Hello Pedro, thank you for your message. I suppose you have seen this already, and read the comments?

Maybe you could take a look at this and let me know if it helps, and if you have any specific questions?

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The link, you don´t send the link for me yet, in e-mail, skipe or watsapp, I need the link to acess the program, I already installed google crown, now I need the link.


Hello Pedro. You will find the link in the task page, it will be different for every translation task. Maybe you could tell me which tasks you are trying to translate and we can make sure to send you the link? My colleague @MiriamTWB will be able to support you further.
Have you checked this short guide already?
In some cases it could be that Kato TM is not available for that task. In this case, please follow the instructions here.

Hi @Pedro1 You should find the link as on your task page as shown below.

If the link is not there, please click the link to the Kató Community (as shown on the bottom left). Please post this issue in the relevant forum page with the screenshots of what you are experiencing so that I can assist you.

hi there,

my name is tahar and i am taking a test for being verified translator, requested to translate a text using the kato TM but I can find the link to the kato TM platform for translating
will some one of interest show me how to do it for the test, thank you

as you through the screenshot, there is no link

HI @Tahar! Welcome to the Kató Community Forum :slight_smile:!

You can access the link to the translation task from your “Claimed Tasks” page. You can see it there in the top tool ribbon, next to Home. Once there, you’ll see this:

Click on “Translate using Kató TM” and you’ll be redirected to the site.

Let me know if you run into any issues.



This is tahar, what if I can’t find the language pair for translating using kato TM
English, Arabic pair not found . Thanks.

Hi Manuel,

Sorry, I forgot to thank you and inform you that I accessed the kato TM but still struggling with the English, Arabic language pair availability.

Hi Tahar,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure I understand, could you please explain what you mean about the English-Arabic language pair availability? Maybe you can share a screenshot of the issue with me?


Hi @Tahar, thank you for sharing this screenshot.
What you are seeing here is the English source text of your verification test. On the right side of the screen, you can translate each segment into Arabic.
Since this is a test meant to verify your translation skills into Arabic, the TM is not available – which means you can’t see translations suggested by Kato TM. This is because we want to assess your translation abilities.
Please let us know if you have any other questions and thanks for taking the test! :slight_smile:

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Hi claudiam,

Now, I get your point, that means I will have to type my Translation into Arabic on the provided platform, right.

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Exactly, @Tahar! :wink: After you complete and submit your test (here you can learn how to), our reviewers will check it and give us their feedback. If we can approve your test, you will then become a Kato Verified Translator!
Could you please let us know if you were expecting our verification process to be different and how? We are testing this new method of verifying translators and we are very interested in getting to know your opinion! :slight_smile:

But I am afraid I can not finish it today.

No worries, @Tahar! :slight_smile: Would Thursday 7th November suit you as a new deadline to complete the test?

Yes, thank you Claudiam :slight_smile:

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