Help needed to deliver task in time [Fixed]

Good afternoon :slight_smile:

I am writing this because I need help to deliver this task in time :clock2: (the deadline expires at 24/05, 2 p.m.). Due to a glitch, I am unable to mark it as complete. It is stuck at 99.76%, although the revision is 100% done.

Thank you very much! :heart:

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Did you try filtering the segmens? It might help you to use the filter so you can know if there is a segment that is revised but not marked blue. Hope this could help.


Good evening, Aya :slight_smile:

Thank for your help, I appreciate it :heart:.

I tried to filter the segments (I had never tried that before), but the task is still stuck at 99.76%.

It looks like this:


So I think it really completion really must be forced in this case.

It’s a little late in Portugal - I lost track of time, it seems, so I’m going to sleep :yawning_face:. I just wanted to thank you for trying to help before, Aya :slight_smile:

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Good morning, everyone :slight_smile:

Just dropping you a line here to let you know that this is already fixed.

Thank you very much!

Have a great Monday :rainbow:

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Hi @andfraz, I’m sorry we did not get back to you sooner, but very glad to hear you were able to fix the problem! :muscle: Just out of interest, how did you manage it?

Good morning, Joanna :slight_smile:

That’s okay :slight_smile: Actually, it wasn’t me. It was fixed by the amazing Project Officer @Viktorija :heart:

Thank you for dropping me a line!

Have a great Monday! :rainbow:

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Wonderful news, thank you :slight_smile: Wishing you a lovely Monday too!

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