Hello from India

Hello everyone,

My name is Annesha Kar Gupta. I am a Bengali translator, reviser & interpreter here.

I love to love to make friends. Anyone want to be my friend please?

Secondly, I am new here. I am unable to find any Bengali task. I was informed that many Bengali tasks are available here.

Can anyone help me about how to get them?


Hello @Jurist_AKG and welcome! You can also say hello to fellow translators in our Kat贸 Community Lounge :slight_smile:

We frequently have Bengali tasks available for translation, and when they are available, you can work on them by following these instructions. You can also have access to more tasks by becoming a Verified Translator, which you can learn about here.

I hope you鈥檒l enjoy working with us, and please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Hello Olivia,

Thanks Olivia