Glossary resources

Recently read about glossary resources available on Kato. Where can I find glossaries related to a translation project?

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Hey :wave:@Y_Khare, I hope all goes well. Which language do you need for glossary resources through TWB Kató? :face_with_monocle:

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Marathi. Currently working on a English-Marathi translation. Is there a glossary available?

I am not sure about that :thinking:, unfortunately, I reckon that we do not have Marathi glossary and terminology :neutral_face:. Anyways, from my point of view, we’re gonna put to @ambra just message keep her in the loop. She can give the best answer to this question :ok_hand:!!

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@serhanb Thanks for your reply. I will check with Ambra. I have been working on Marathi translations so far using assorted glossary resources when needed. I just read about TWB Kato having glossary resources for use so just wanted to check out what is available. It will be a lot easier to have it here on the same platform.

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Hi @Y_Khare this is a great question! If the partner has provided a glossary for your task, you will find it in Kató TM following these instructions. If there isn’t a glossary and you have a question about a term, post a message in the discussion thread and the PM for the project will be able to help you out :wink:

I don’t think we have a Marathi glossary, but you’re right, it would be great to have one! Perhaps you can have a look at this page Contributing to glossaries in Kató TM :blush:

I hope this was helpful! Let’s also see if @ambra has any further suggestions for you :star2:

Thank you @serhanb for your support :pray: