Where and how do I check if there exists a glossary for a specific client/project and languages? In the case a glossary has not been included as supporting material in the project workspace, is there a database of Glossaries I can get to and look for it? Please advise.
Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi Silvia, thanks for your question! :star: At the moment we don’t have a glossary database, but the PMs may still have some materials for you that haven’t been published in that specific task page. My suggestion would be to always ask the PM (you can leave a message in the comment box of the Workspace, email the PM directly if you know who they are, or leave a message in this forum if the project has been posted in Kato Platform.

We are asking translators which are the most meaningful words they have translated for TWB. If you want to contribute, here is the link!

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Thanks a lot for the answer, Ambra!
Regards, Silvia

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