Get a chance to win a prize by sharing our Ukraine Language & Information Needs survey in social media groups

CLEAR Global and Translators without Borders are conducting an online survey to understand challenges and needs around language, information and communication in Ukraine and in countries that host people fleeing Ukraine. We are looking to collect responses from:

  • people fleeing Ukraine or displaced within Ukraine;
  • hosts, volunteers or staff working with people who are fleeing Ukraine or are displaced within Ukraine.

The survey is very short (it takes approximately 5 minutes) and is available in Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, and English. You can select your preferred language using the dropdown menu at the top of the survey webpage. Here is the link to the survey:

:busts_in_silhouette: How can you help?

We invite our TWB community members to share this survey with social media groups and networks that focus on helping people fleeing Ukraine by July 31, 2022.

If you share the survey in a relevant social media group, you will be entered into a raffle and get a chance to win an online voucher of 50 USD. The raffle includes 5 online vouchers for a value of 50 USD each. If you post in more than one social media group, you will get more chances to win the raffle!

You are also welcome to share the link with your professional and personal contacts. We are looking to collect as many responses to the survey as we can. Only posts in relevant social media groups are eligible for the raffle.

:man_technologist: :woman_technologist: Want to share our survey and get a chance to win a 50 USD online voucher?

Follow all the steps below:

:one:. Identify groups on social media platforms or messaging apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.) that may be interested in this survey. You can post in groups that focus on helping people who are fleeing Ukraine or are displaced within Ukraine to get the information they need.
Please be considerate and ask yourself if the survey is appropriate for the audience of the group.

:two:. We want to avoid spamming groups, so please make sure no one has posted about the survey before. You can do so by searching keywords in the group, such as “CLEAR Global”, “survey”, etc.

:three:. Check the group’s posting guidelines, and obtain permission to post from group’s moderators, if needed.

All done? Great! :ballot_box_with_check:
Now you can use this template (available in English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, and Romanian) to share the survey in the group by July 31, 2022. :calling:

Please remember that the survey can only be posted once in each social media group.

:heavy_check_mark: I have shared the survey in a group on social media. Now what should I do?

Thank you so much for helping us reach more people!
:warning: If you would like to enter our raffle
:arrow_right: you need to complete this form to let us know that you posted in the group.

If you are available/active in the group, consider monitoring your post and responding to questions or directing them to us.

For questions about the survey (how data is collected, anonymity, technical issues, etc.) please contact Marina Khonina (Researcher, Ukraine Response):
For any questions about the raffle, please email and our Community Team will be happy to assist you.

The information we collect through the survey will help inform CLEAR Global’s response in Ukraine and other countries hosting people fleeing Ukraine. We will use information from the survey in aggregate form, which means individual responses cannot be used to identify survey participants. We will share survey data with other organizations so that they can improve their programs to better serve people from Ukraine. The findings of the survey will also be shared with our TWB Community in a blog post on our website.