General Kató Translators Recognition Program


Thanks ambra,
Please arrange an updated one.

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It is our pleasure :slight_smile: And Happy volunteer day!

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Hello @ambra ,
how are you?

I started volunteering at Rosetta and until today with Katô, and last year I sent an e-mail to Katô requesting a letter of refence and a feedback from the translator (WWA) at, the reference letter was perfect, but to this day I did not receive the feedback of the translator (WWA). I would like to know how to get feedback. Thanks in advance for your time .:sorriso:





Hi Gloria, thank you for your message and for all the work done with TWB!
I see you requested a reference letter on November 21st and it was sent to you a few days later. I don’t see any requests for WWA from you, apologies if we missed this. Please send me an email for our records with this request and the link to your ProZ profile, and I will add the WWA to your profile this week.

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Hi Ambra
I appreciate your message and your kindness. I sent the help request by to Katô and Unlimited Translators and until then I did not get answers, yes I received the very kind reference letter. After your message, I’ll send you an email. Thank you for your kindness, have a great day.:sorrindo:

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Thanks Gloria, I have received the email. All recognition requests have to be sent to, if you send them through ProZ or Unlimited Translators we will not receive them :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ambra for the clarification, I already sent the email to you. I apologize, did not know that sending feedback requests through ProZ or Unlimited Translators you do not receive. Thanks for listening.

Best regards



Hi Ambra,

I went to the Proz page and could see the feedback (WWA) on of TWB. Thank you for your kind attention and kindness. Kind regards .:smile:

Best ,

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