Filter Available Tasks not working

Hi, before I log in, there is a long list of tasks but when I log in these disappear and the filter task stream no longer works. The platform automatically says ‘There are currently no tasks available for your language combinations’ before I select my languages. Maybe this is a new improvement to save users time, but even when I select language combinations for tasks that I can see are available (before I log in), it doesn’t show these when I then select ‘filter task stream’ for those languages. I am concerned I could be missing tasks in my language combination if the filter isn’t working… Has anyone else noticed this? Many thanks :smiley:


Hi @Susan1,
this is the new way: everything is automatic. The machine knows our combiations and abilities and automatically filters the tasks that are available for us. I hope this might help. :wave:


Hi @Susan1, thanks for your message. The lovely @faretto5 is right, it simply means there are no tasks currently available in your language pair :confused:

I have checked your profile and everything looks good, so I can confirm you aren’t missing out on any tasks in your language pair. I’m sure something will pop up for you soon! :blush:

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Thank you @faretto5 and Joanna. It was because it was working differently to how it used to that I was concerned, but it’s great to know it now filters automatically - it will save a lot of time now we don’t have to type in our languages :+1:


Hi Joanna, I have the same problem. Everyday, since I became verified, I check if there are new task for me, but the platform keeps saying platform ‘There are currently no tasks available for your language combinations’. How is that possible? Is it normal that there aren’t task for EN>IT?

Hi @AngelaG thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately you’re right, there are no EN>IT tasks currently available. The demand for translations really depends on the needs of our NGO partners. Nonetheless, we post new tasks all the time, so I’m sure some tasks will appear for you soon! :crossed_fingers:

Your profile looks all good and as you are a verified translator in this language pair you’ll have access to all tasks when they are available :star2:


Ok, thank you very much Joanna!

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I am facing the same problem,
EN to AR

Hi @Aisha_Zaki :slight_smile: I recommend you become a Kató Verified Translator! This will give you access to more tasks in your language pair.

You can also follow these instructions to update your email notification preferences and receive regular emails when tasks are available :wink:

I hope this helps! :hibiscus:

When I click on the “covid” tag on the side, an available task in my language pair (English to Chinese-TW) appears, but when I choose this task, the page returns that I am not authorised to access. Kindly assist. Thanks.

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Hi @helen.chang

It may be that the task you were trying to access is for Kató Verified translators only, this would explain why you were unauthorised to access it!

You can find all tasks available to you on the homepage

If you cannot see any tasks, it simply means that there aren’t any tasks currently available, but keep an eye out because we post new tasks all the time :eyes:

Translators can become verified by receiving positive feedback on their translations! Once a translator has multiple positive feedback, we can verify them that way :smiley:

I hope you find an interesting task to work on soon, Helen :pray:

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