do I as a volunteering translator get a feedback?

Hi @Hamidou.
If your feedback is about a some task, you should to leave the question on the place reading of the referred task. You will know how by tapping on claimed tasks in your profile and after, on the button “discuss this task on Kató community”.
If your feedback is regarding any other topic, you can search using a tool on top of that page and looking for some subject about that.
If you don’t find nothing about your concern, so you should create a specific topic just in case.
I hope it will help.

Hi @Hamidou and thank you for your question :slightly_smiling_face: and thank you @Kakau, as always, for your help in our community :star2:

If you’d like to view feedback you received about a translation or revision you completed, you can go to “Claimed Tasks” on Kató Platform and select “Complete” in the “Task Status” menu. There you will see the button “Task Reviews” for each task you’ve completed. If someone has left feedback on a task you’ve completed, it will be there. However, please note that it is not mandatory for revisers or partners to submit a review on the translator’s work, so you may find that many of your completed tasks don’t have feedback.

I hope this helps; please let us know if you have any other questions!

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