Email notifications settings do not work

Hi ! I’be been trying to edit my notification preferences, but I could not. I don’t want to receive tasks to my email anymore !! And no matter what option I choose in the settings of my profile, I keep receiving them. So, please, I need help. And it’s curious because I deleted my account and I keep receiving notifications too. Anyway, I need help. Thanks in advance

Hi @Agostina1, thank you for reaching out! :slight_smile: Your profile has not been deleted yet. Did you try to delete it autonomously or did you ask someone from our staff? Would you like me to delete it permanently? Please let me know how I can assist you.

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Hi Natalia,
Thanks for looking into that. I actually have no record of an email received on October 1st.
I have done a Verification test but have not had any feedback. How can I follow that up please?
Many thanks,
Debra Profitt

Hi Debra, I’m happy to let you know that I just approved your test. You are now a Kato Verified Translator, congratulations! :tada: