Editing the translation out of Kató


I want to know if it’s recommended to add or do some changes on the downloaded document on Word, for example. It happens that I’m reading, and I feel like I have to change a word or a phrase.

Should I do everything on Kató and not editing on Word?

Another question.

Should I rename or translate the document’s name or put a original_name**(translated)** or something?

Thank you!


Hello Jorge, thank you for your interesting questions! We encourage translators to work exclusively on Kató TM. With this regard, we prepared a topic about working outside Kató TM, that you can read here.

I assume that you are revising a translation and that the words or the phrase you would like to change are in the target text, is that correct? If so, of course, you can edit the translation on the TM, there is no need to download the Word document, or to rename it :slight_smile:

We collected our three most frequently asked questions about Kató TM, please take a look, I think you will find it helpful! And we have a whole category on the forum dedicated to our TM (I am going to move this thread there :wink: )

If you find a wrong word/phrase in the source text, please alert us leaving a message in the forum thread corresponding to that task - you will find the link in Kató Platform, next to the link to do the translation on Kató TM.

I hope this helps! If you have more questions or doubts I’d be more than happy to reply.


Thank you for your reply, Ambra!

Then edit always on Kató TM and submit it as it is.