Downloading the source/target file on Kató TM

If you would like to download the source or the target files for your own reference, you can do so by clicking the “Download” button at the top of the screen on Kató TM. Please note that if you make any changes to downloaded files, we will not be able to see them. The translation done on Kató TM is what will be delivered to the partner.


I am sorry if I come up with a beginner question. I am trying to run a visual check on a translation I edited. I don’t know how to download the translation to be able to see it in Word. Can you advise me on the best way to do that? Thanks

Hello! Thanks for asking this question. You should be able to see something like this in the upper right corner. Please click on “download translation” to see the translated text, with your corrections already implemented.

hello Ambra and thanks for the quick response. I see the following three possibilities when I press the download translation button: Original, Export XLIFF and Export Job TMX. The original is the English version of the document. I cannot visualise what the other two produce as I don’t know how to read these formats. Your advice will be appreciated.
In fact I am trying to download the doc because I have a segment which is full of whitespaces errors and I cannot find the errors. I guess the translator of the segment must have worked outside and pasted. I don’t know why, but I have spent quite some time looking for these whitespaces and it is a mystery. So I am thinking if I can download it and look at it in Word, maybe I can spot the problems.

Hello and thank you for letting me know.

I see the following three possibilities when I press the download translation button: Original, Export XLIFF and Export Job TMX.

This is what happens when you click on the arrow next to “download translation”. Can you please try and click on the green button, and you should find the translated text in your download folder.

Eureka! It works. I think I was going about it the complicated way…
Thanks a lot Ambra and have a lovely evening.

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Hello, I have the same problem. I have translated a document in Kato TM and would like to see how it looks in a word document - the original is 3 pages. But I cannot see any green button, the only options are for downloading the original document.

Now I see that if you go into “Revise” in the platform, the file that ypu are able to download is the translation that you have worked on. But then not the next time that I tried this!

Using this information you can download the file that has just been translated - so I am still unclear about this.
As soon as you complete the task on Kató TM and all segments are translated (status bar shows 100%), ;Copy your translation from Kató TM to Kató" using the following page:
[ an example]

HI! Could there be any reasons why i cant download the translated document? I’m revising a translation. I haven’t finished yet, i will continue tomorrow. But in oder to have a backup, i want to download the translation with the revision i’ve done so far. I click in download translation, but nothing happens. What i AM able to do is download the original text, but not the translation and i dont know why, because earlier today i did it.

Hi Emilia, I just checked and I had no problems downloading it, there you go: MSF_EMACC_Interim_guidance_Screening_Triage_COVID-19_2020_EN.docx (626.8 KB)

Ambra how lovely! Thank you. Later yesterday i tried again and it let me. i don’t know why not before, maybe it was my connecion.
thanks again!