Documents needed as a paid translator in TWB

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Today I got an email that explains the documents I need to be a paid translator in TWB. Is this a real email from TWB?

I’m always scared that someone is trying to scam me and that’s why I’m making this question.

Thank you.

TwB translators are volunteers, we don’t get paid. If you can send the screenshot we can help…


Here it is

Hi @catarinapereira308,

Thanks for your question and for sharing the screenshot!

What about the email address? Can you share it too?

There are paid tasks but this is very rarely! The majority of the tasks almost 99% of them are not paid!


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In July I received a similar e-mail after I finished a paid task. Now I am afraid because I sent her the information she requested.

Hi @catarinapereira308 and @Eufrasia and welcome to TWB! :slight_smile:

As both @d.russo and @Dalia1 stated above, Translators without Borders is a NGO, therefore none of their projects will provide any form of payment to translators, which means that we, the translators, give our help to TWB for free –hence, we are volunteering for them. As Dalia also said, there may be some (but very rarely) paid project here on TWB, but it will normally be posted by TWB partners, or by those who ask for permission.

So, whoever is offering you a paid job saying that it is for/from TWB, is 100% a scammer.

P.s. Remember that all of the projects, including the paid ones, will be posted here and not directly emailed to you.

I’m sorry for the long reply, but I hope it helps.

But the task was assigned to me on TWB platform. Both of them (the person that assigned the task to me and the one who requested my details) are from TWB, I checked their profiles. If it’s a scam, they should know that someone is using their professional e-mails for scam

@Eufrasia and @catarinapereira308 , since the person who asked you to submit these documents is the same person who approached you for the paid tasks, and the tasks are real on the platform that you already worked on, you don’t need to worry about scams. These documents are required for any payment made from an organization based in US, as to my knowledge and experience. I myself got the same requests for my paid work here; and as a translator since long I sometimes got exact same requirements from other translation companies/organizations based in US.


Hello everyone and thank you for your nice messages, it’s lovely to see that people in the community are always willing to help each other :hugs:

I confirm that in some rare cases we have paid projects to send to our community. It depends on the language combination, the nature of the project, the volume, and the deadline.

As @phanttran said, whenever we have to send payments to an individual, we have to run some background checks - this is why we need some personal information such as the full name. And we need the individual to sign a few policies. This information will be asked only once, will be deleted upon request, and will be visible only to the staff dealing with payments - no one else will be able to access it.

All this is to say that the email that @catarinapereira308 received was from us and can be trusted. Same for you, @Eufrasia. This is also good feedback to receive - maybe we have to make sure that the email is more personalized so it doesn’t lead to misunderstanding or make you worry about scams. We will look into changing the wording.

That said, we encourage you to double-check that the communication you receive from TWB is authentic. If something looks weird or suspicious to you, please contact us - you can contact us individually by email or you can reach out to


Thank you very much for your clarification Ambra. It is always better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:


Thank you @ambra and @phanttran .


guys ! email notifications are not working for me many months ago , i have to come here if i want to find out a project , everyone else having the same issue?

I’ve been here for longer than 5 years but I never knew there is email notifications :D. I always sign in the platform whenever I want to check if any tasks available to work on. I guess it’s always there but I never turned it on. Did you try turn off the option and turn on again?

hey ! hi! :slight_smile: thank youu how or when can i do that ? can you teach me ???

Hello @me5,
Check out this thread on Signing up for TWB platform email notifications.

Apart from frequently checking in the platform, receiving daily (or any) notifications depends on whether there are existent tasks in your language pair or not. In most cases, there are not enough projects for some language pairs.

The good news is that TWB is growing, with potentially more and bigger projects for many (hopefully all) language pairs.

Let’s hang up in there!

All the best,

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oh thank you so much @Brisa_MP brisa for that clarification! yeah i just checked the task stream notifications
what would be the possible reasons why notifications for email are not working brisa : o ?

yuo are so sweet and smart!

cheers and great monday for you!


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Thank you for your kind words, Melo!
I’m sure you (we all) will be able to find tasks to claim soon enough. Specially if you keep visiting the task stream in the homepage as tasks are gone in seconds, and they don’t even make it to an email.
So, it might have nothing to do with the email settings if you have them set to daily, but with how many tasks there are and how fast they are being claimed.

The availability of tasks is not limited to a specific time, which I think is good, since this flexibility provides an opportunity for linguists from all over the world to contribute!

Hope you find these comments helpful.

See you around!