Deadline past, unclaimed

Hello, Hiwot here. I wanted to claim WHO COVID19 related material needing English to Amharic translation.
But the deadline shows 4/11/2020. Is it possible to set new deadline? Thank you for the response in advance.

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Hello Hiwot. It should be possible to extend the deadline indeed. It will depend on the specific task though, so I would recommend you ask in the thread corresponding to the task you want to claim.

Find the right thread to post a message for the project you are working on (video tutorial )

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Thank you Ambra for the redirection.

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I think there is always an extension depending on the task and its urgency.

Thank you,


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I claimed the revision COVID-19 resources 27 task on April 14 but it has not been available to revise in Kat贸 even though the deadline for set for April 1. Please advise what I should do. Thank you.

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Hi Isabelle, thanks for your message. I see you have submitted the task, is there anything else we can help you with?

There is a translation task i have been working on, I completed but i didn鈥檛 upload a file to the platform. I would like to know if the manipulations i made were captured

Hello @sallanmarvin :wave:
I see that you鈥檙e working on a revision task at the moment, are you encountering issues submitting it? Let me know how we can help :slight_smile:

Yes, I am having issues I completed that task a week ago but I would like to submit it but my issue is the upload link. I thought it鈥檚 automated that once one finish it auto submit the task

Hello @sallanmarvin, submission is not automatic. Please take a look at this video tutorial and FAQs to learn how to submit a task. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello @_carolina, thanks for the tutorial video, I have successfully submitted.

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Well done on submitting the task :star_struck: I鈥檓 glad it was helpful. Happy translating :sunglasses: